Exclusive: Danny McBride On Pitching Halloween Remake To John Carpenter

– by Edward Douglas

Remaking a classic movie can be tough, especially when it's a classic horror movie like John Carpenter's Halloween, which Rob Zombie already took a crack at in 2007 to mixed results. (His first Halloween remake made $58 million in domestic gross, but the sequel Halloween II made about half of that two years later.)

It was reported that director David Gordon Green would be tackling the latest attempt to revive the horror franchise, and he brought on his long-time friend and collaborator to co-write and produce the film.

Talking to Danny McBride earlier today, LRM asked the actor about how that was going, and this was his response:

"David Green got approached to do that, and he knew that I was a massive fan of the series, so he asked if I’d be interested in writing it with him, and I had the same hesitation that I think any moviegoer has now of just, 'Do we need to reboot things? Do we need to remake some things?,' so I told him if we could come up with a really cool take of how to continue that story as opposed to remake that story, then that would be fun to do. We worked on a take, and we actually went in and pitched it to Carpenter. That was important to us. We wanted to have his seal of approval or else we wouldn’t even interested in pursuing it. We pitched to him, and he dug the idea, and now we’re just trying to convince him to score the movie as well."

Definitely sounds like Green and McBride are taking the best approach to doing this remake the right way, with the full involvement of Carpenter, and yeah, having Carpenter (a fantastic musician) do the score for the new movie would be quite amazing, considering how iconic some of his older film scores and musical themes have been.

Look for the full interview with McBride, Billy Crudup and Jessie Smollett tomorrow!

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