The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand...
— Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman, Google)

DARK-WEB is coming to LRM, and we’re very excited to offer you a glimpse at our first and exclusive series, free for LRM readers. Check out the teaser below, and then find out how YOU can be a part of our very first series!


LRM is partnering up with the team behind last year’s cult hit, CIRCLE, to bring you Dark Web twisted look into the chaos and horror of an interconnected digital world. 


On MAY 13th, 2016 we opened a new page under the MEDIA for accepting script submissions exclusively from LRM readers. Content should be between 10-15 pages and must contain an element of modern horror. Do you have a brilliant story sitting around, but no means of getting it properly produced with great effects and production value? Send it in. Have you been dying to write down that great concept, but don’t have access to Hollywood producers? Send it in. Have friends who want to break into the industry? Direct them here! For anyone else who’s wanted to try their hand at writing, you’ve got a few weeks head start to put pen to paper and create something horrifyingly brilliant. We’re THRILLED to offer you aspiring writers a direct chance to engage in the production of DARK-WEB.

LRM will accept submissions from readers until June 13th so put those pens to paper and start creating! We’ll have an ongoing contest with prizes, and at least one lucky reader will get their story produced as an episode of DARK-WEB. The winner(s) will be credited as Writer AND Co-Producer on the episode in which their work is featured, as well as receive a credit on IMDB. Just promise not to forget us here at LRM when you make it big!

Aside from locking down a deal to bring our readers this awesome content for free, LRM will also document the making of the series from start to finish, giving you a firsthand glimpse into the world of independent filmmaking. We love interacting with our readers and hearing what they like and love in the world of entertainment, and are excited to offer you the chance to engage by giving you your very own series. Stay tuned here for further announcements on the submission guidelines and the application process. We’ll also be updating you over the next few weeks with exciting cast announcements, series launch dates and much, much, more!

Everyone at LRM is proud not only to be bringing you exciting new exclusive content, but also the chance to interact with working filmmakers and get your own material produced and seen by millions of our readers.  We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to seeing your name up on the silver screen!

Dark Web: Season 1